Author: Peter Nelson

Integrative Human Performance Year In Review, Part One: Client Stories

We here at Integrative Human Performance pride ourselves on breaking the mold.  As such, we decided that rather than participate in the December barrage of “year in review” blogs, we’d do ours in March.  Why?  Because we’re trailblazers.  Because we’re trendsetters.  And because we’ve both been too busy/lazy to get around to it any sooner.  At any rate, we’ll briefly highlight… Read more →

Video: Presentation on Optimizing Connective Tissue Health and Performance at Athletic Evolution

This past week I was fortunate enough to give a presentation for the awesome staff and interns at Athletic Evolution in Woburn, MA on optimizing the health and performance of connective tissue.  For those of you unfamiliar with AE, they are a private Nike SPARQ-affiliated gym and one of the premier training centers in New England; you can check out their… Read more →

Two Truths and a Lie, the “IHP Version”: Two Research Papers and a Totally Unrelated Article

I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled reading time and whatever it is that you were doing today to bring you the latest (and only) edition of our most popular (and only) game show: Two Research Papers and a Totally Unrelated Article!  For those who are unfamiliar (i.e. everyone), this is my own spin on the icebreaker game Two Truths and a… Read more →

An Introduction to the Postural Restoration Institute, Part 3: The Asymmetrical Nature of the Human Body

Author’s Note: This is the third installment in an ongoing series meant to introduce the Postural Restoration Institute and the concepts that it teaches, as well as how to integrate them into training and rehab.  If you missed either of the first two installments, you can click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2 to give those a read.  In this… Read more →

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