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How to Help Flatten the Curve Without Becoming an Atrophied Couch Potato: On the Unique Value of Blood Flow Restriction Training While Working Out at Home

I expect that the fitness blogosphere is inundated with articles, Tweets, and Instagram posts about how to have productive workouts in the confines of one’s home. I confess that I haven’t done much to verify this assertion, since studying for board exams has been a higher priority for me, though I’d probably bet Peter’s life savings that it’s at least… Read more →

You Gon’ Learn Today: The Best Integrative Human Performance Articles from 2015

We did some of our best writing to date in 2015. Our efforts to adhere to an evidence-based approach have helped us to produce high-caliber writing that we’re proud to share with you. Some of the prominent topics from this year’s articles include movement variability and autonomic variability, how the autonomic nervous system affects performance and how you can use… Read more →

Integrative Human Performance Year In Review, Part Three: Peter Checks In

Allow me to reintroduce myself: my name is HOV Peter, and it has been quite some time since I last posted.  I’m constantly hoping that that’ll change and that I’ll be able to post more frequently, but it seems that something always comes up that precludes me from doing so.  Nevertheless, my hope remains that you’ll be hearing more from me… Read more →

Integrative Human Performance Year In Review, Part Two: The Happenings of Rob

As short as it seems to have been since Peter’s inaugural State of the Union Address in 2015, Integrative Human Performance has enjoyed fantastic development and success in the interim. Peter and I have made remarkable advances in our understanding of physical and mental well-being, our clients have made tremendous accomplishments (which you can read about here), and our articles… Read more →

Integrative Human Performance Year In Review, Part One: Client Stories

We here at Integrative Human Performance pride ourselves on breaking the mold.  As such, we decided that rather than participate in the December barrage of “year in review” blogs, we’d do ours in March.  Why?  Because we’re trailblazers.  Because we’re trendsetters.  And because we’ve both been too busy/lazy to get around to it any sooner.  At any rate, we’ll briefly highlight… Read more →

Breathe Some Awesomeness Into Your Training: Simple Ways to Integrate Breathing to Improve Your Training

While Peter and I can delve deep into the esoterica of the Postural Restoration Institute’s tenets and methods, some of the lessons we’ve learned from our foray into PRI are astoundingly simple and profoundly effective. One of the first realizations we had is that it can be physically challenging to do a long, full exhale, pause five seconds (or more),… Read more →

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