“The strength and conditioning community is filled with bright minds who have helped the industry progress rapidly from the old school “no pain, no gain” mentality to one that is focused on scientific research and evidence-based programs. Peter and Rob are shining examples of this new breed of intelligent and passionate young coaches that will continue to study and use research to push the industry toward more efficient and effective methods of developing athletes. Their knowledge and understanding of the science behind enhancing health and athletic performance and reducing injury risk is nothing short of impressive and allows them to take a comprehensive approach that is usually only seen by veteran coaches. I expect the guys at Integrative Human Performance to make strong contributions to the strength and conditioning field over the next few decades and strongly recommend them to anyone looking to maximize their athletic potential and overall well being.”

Robert McLean, CSCS
Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Colorado Avalanche
Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pennsylvania State University Men’s Ice Hockey


“In my 20 years as a competitive golfer, I dealt with a number of injuries. As such, I spent a good deal of my time rehabbing, training, and researching various methods to maximize my performance and compete pain free. As my skill level improved and I transitioned from the Collegiate, to National, to professional levels of the sport, I was very fortunate to be able to work with and learn from some of the world’s finest experts on human performance. Now that I have transitioned into coaching, I train to try and undo the damage done by my sport, and to continue my learning process so that I can guide my athletes to get the most out of their bodies long term. I was very fortunate to meet Peter a couple of years ago while he was an undergraduate student at Penn State, and I was immediately impressed by his passion and professionalism. The knowledge he displayed throughout my assessment process and the customization he imparted into my programming have been nothing short of world class. Peter and Rob are well on their way to being game changers in the strength and conditioning industry. I would recommend that anyone interested in getting the most out of their body for the long term, needs to look into Integrative Human Performance.”

Mark Leon
Assistant Men’s Golf Coach, Pennsylvania State University


“I’ve played at some of the highest levels of baseball, and in my experience the guys at Integrative Human Performance are some of the best I’ve worked with. Peter and Rob provide professional workouts and expert advice on training, nutrition, and supplements, and they are always quick to answer any questions that I have in great detail. I’ve always considered myself to be a typical “hard-gainer” who has a tough time putting on weight, but their program has helped me add over 20 pounds of body mass so far in just two and a half months, while remaining relatively lean. I’ve also significantly increased my strength, mobility, and flexibility at the same time. I’m very excited for what the rest of the offseason and beyond will hold and the results that IHP’s methods will bring. Though young in age, these guys are truly the best, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about their sport.”

Collin Radack
Outfielder, St. Louis Cardinals organization (MLB)


“Integrative Human Performance has really helped me take my game to the next level. While working with Peter and Rob the past two springs, all my big lifts have increased and I have put on a lot of lean muscle mass. I have also seen these gains translate to the ice, where my foot speed and my explosiveness have improved dramatically. Most importantly, though, Peter and Rob have helped instill in me a commitment to maximizing my fitness that I will carry with me for the rest of my playing career and beyond.  Their strong work ethic and burning desire to always improve at their craft is infectious and helps bring out the best in their athletes. They will change the way you approach your training and make you capable of attaining goals you never knew were even possible.”

Michael Lata
Brown University Men’s Ice Hockey, NCAA Division I


“It is difficult to articulate just how much Integrative Human Performance has helped me develop into a better hockey player and an overall better athlete. Peter and Rob always put the athlete first. Each week I am provided with a new workout program that is tailored to my specific needs. They are always available whenever I have questions regarding the workout or any sort of injury. The workouts are regularly adjusted but are always challenging. They incorporate exercises I had never done before and target muscles that I had never focused on, and it truly works. The gains I have made both on and off the ice are impossible to ignore and I owe it all to IHP.  In the gym I have seen some of my max lifts go up by over 100lbs, and on the ice my season point total jumped by almost 20 points after just one spring and summer of training with an IHP program.  And from speaking with teammates who also work with Peter and Rob, I know that I am not an isolated case.  The guys at IHP are outstanding at what they do and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the best out of their athletes.”

Michael Kim
Boston College Men’s Ice Hockey, NCAA Division I


“In one word, the guys at Integrative Human Performance are unbelievable.  The attention to detail and commitment they give to their athletes is truly remarkable. IHP’s focus on their athletes goes far beyond just strength and conditioning; they make their clients better all-around athletes and provide injury prevention work to keep you in the game and not watching from the sidelines.  Over the past 18 months of working with Peter and Rob I have taken my play on the ice to a whole new level. This past season, I didn’t miss a single day and stayed injury-free for the first time in my high school career, with much of the credit due to Peter and Rob’s program.  I also made huge gains in my strength–which has greatly improved my ability to battle for pucks in the corner–as well as my overall speed.  If you’re a serious athlete looking to take your game to the next level, I highly recommend working with the guys at IHP.”

Bryan Ackil
Boston Junior Bruins, USPHL Elite Division


“The guys at Integrative Human Performance have helped me immensely. The combination of personal attention and expertise that they provide is, in my experience, unparalleled. When I first contacted them, I had just been diagnosed with a torn labrum in my shoulder. After deciding with my doctor to defer surgery for a year and play the upcoming season with the injury, Peter and Rob built me a program based on the results and recommendations my doctor provided as well as their own findings during a comprehensive assessment. The results were almost immediate: they were able to stabilize and strengthen my shoulder, and it has not felt this good since before the injury occurred. Even more importantly, they were able to work around this limitation to make sure the rest of my body was physically prepared. I couldn’t be more grateful to the guys at Integrative Human Performance for helping me to get healthy and prepare for next season, and I would recommend their services to any athlete–injured or healthy–looking to maximize their performance.”

Jason Nawrocki
Bowdoin College Men’s Ice Hockey, NCAA Division III


“I was introduced to the guys at Integrative Human Performance through some teammates at Phillips Academy Andover. Even though I had never met either of them, Peter and Rob really took me under their wing. They demonstrated a tremendous amount of care and commitment–they were constantly in touch with me, asking how the program was going, how I was feeling, and checking to see if any adjustments needed to be made. The bottom line is that Peter and Rob truly want to see their clients succeed, and they will do everything in their power to put them in a position to do so. Their dedication has led me to adopt a work ethic that has made me a totally different person both on and off the ice. And from a performance perspective, this philosophy has really paid off–I could not be happier with the results they have gotten me. I have gained more strength, power, and lean muscle mass than I ever thought I could. I have never felt more prepared for a season than I do now after a full spring and summer working under IHP’s guidance, and I’m not the only one noticing results: after several months of working with Peter and Rob, I went home to work with my skating coach and he was extremely impressed with my improvement. I could do more drills than ever before and had increased my foot speed and skating power drastically. Overall, I now feel more confident on the ice and in the gym. I am extremely thankful to have met and worked with the IHP guys. I would highly recommend them without hesitation to any athlete–they can turn you into the player you always wanted to be.”

Peter Bensen
Bowdoin College Men’s Ice Hockey, NCAA Division III


“Integrative Human Performance has helped me to reach the goals I’ve set for myself during two separate life journeys. As an athlete, they helped to correct my postural and movement deficiencies and strengthened my body so that I could successfully compete at one of the highest levels of collegiate hockey in the world. During the earlier part of my career at Penn State University–before I started working with Peter and Rob–my body was constantly banged up, which hurt my performance both in the gym and on the ice. After teaming up with the guys at IHP, however, I was able to put my injury issues behind me, allowing me to attain new personal records in the gym and take my physical performance to a whole new level. As a result, on the ice my speed, agility, and balance all improved considerably, and I was able to compete at a higher level than ever before.

Even though my playing career is now over, witnessing firsthand the passion Peter and Rob have for optimizing human performance has inspired me to continue to keep myself in good physical shape and overall health. Integrative Human Performance is now guiding me in this quest to maintain an athletic build as I transition to the real world and work a full-time job where I’m sedentary for the majority of the day. This dramatic change in lifestyle has required that my corrective exercise, resistance training, and nutrition protocols all be reworked, but Peter and Rob have been more than up to the challenge. They have done a tremendous job in keeping my body and mental health optimized during this transition from a physically demanding Division I hockey career to a 60 hour work week spent sitting at a desk, and I cannot thank them enough. I am greatly looking forward to continuing to work with the guys at IHP, and I would highly recommend them to anyone–athlete or weekend warrior alike–looking to improve their health and fitness.”

Michael McDonagh
Pennsylvania State University Men’s Ice Hockey, NCAA Division I
Volunteer Coaching Assistant for Cornell University Men’s Ice Hockey


“Simply put, Rob and Peter are nerds. I mean this in the most complimentary sense–they are fascinated by the human body and are incredibly driven to learn how to maximize the health and wellbeing of their clients. To my amusement and amazement, they constantly read and quote the latest literature on seemingly everything from gut bacteria to the effects of posture on cortisol levels.

While I’m not a competitive athlete–and neither is every present and future client of IHP–I still have high expectations for my fitness, health, and performance. The training and nutrition program that Rob and Peter have provided me and guided me through incorporates a holistic approach shaped by their thorough research, and my results have far exceeded my expectations.

This, in fact, is what I believe to be their most impressive quality: they are able to offer help in a wide variety of areas to a wide range of people since they do not limit themselves to specializing in one particular sub-discipline. This certainly rings true in my program; each day is a commitment to overall mental and physical well being. I’ve seen Rob and Peter deliver the same high-quality service in helping other people achieve their various goals as well. When it comes to relieving stress, sleeping better, losing body fat, increasing strength, rehabbing an injury, or accomplishing almost any other health or fitness-related goal, Rob and Peter are my go-to guys, and I highly recommend you make them yours as well.”

Thomas Armstrong
Consultant at Ernst & Young


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